Shipmate's Photos From the Early 50's
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Photographs provided by Bill McEvilly & Hal Erwin

L-R Front: Dave Downs, Herb Katz, Tom Brossard, Capt. McCord, Jack Drago (XO), C.R. Johnson, Bill McEvilly, Al Rilling
L-R Rear: Pete Peters, Don Minnigan, Doug Calkins, Hal Erwin, Jack Clark, Earl Allen

L-R: Doug Calkins, Don Minnigan, Bill McEvilly, Jack Clark

Men L-R Front: Capt McCord, Don Minnigan, Hal Erwin, Pete Peters
Men L-R Rear: Tom Brossard, Commodore Mecklenberg, Al Rilling, Jack Clark, Doug Calkins, Earl Allen, Bill McEvilly

Photographs provided by Tom Biatek

Ross Biatek on deck

Ross Biatek in CIC

L-R Rear - Hollsworth, Ryan, Brannan,Gage
L-R Front - Biatek, Eimer

L-R Front-Lundrel, E.D. Schmidt, Charles Kennedy
L-R Rear-Brian P. Dulligan, Don Witten, Al Kirkley, Ross Biatek

DeLong Ship Photos
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Three Colored Photos Provided by Ronnie Tatum



The Flag

The Mast

1966 Collision
with John R. Pierce
From Bruce Keith

Making Smoke
From Jack Drago

Depth Charge
From Jack Drago

From Dan Willis

More photos from Dan Willis

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